– The pyramids are always synonymous with ancient civilizations in the land of Egypt, they were used as the final resting place for the kings and the entire royal family at that time. Not many people know, it turns out that Indonesia also has its own version of the pyramid which until now still remains a mystery among historians. Another phenomenal, one of the pyramids in Indonesia is estimated to have existed since 5200 years BC, long before the Egyptian civilization was born.

Here are some of the ancient pyramids found in the territory of Indonesia, complete with a brief explanation of the mysteries that surround them.

1. Sukuh Temple

Mount Lawu, precisely in Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. Based on the historical records left behind, Sukuh Temple was built in the 15th century AD when Majapahit ruled in Java. Hundreds of abandoned, this temple was rediscovered in 1815 by the Government
Dutch East Indies.

Sukuh Temple is quite controversial, because its architectural form is different from other temples in general. Sukuh Temple is shaped like a pyramid with reliefs depicting the shape of the human genitals. The similarity to ancient Egyptian culture in this temple can be seen from the shape of the gate which looks like a pylon, the entrance gate in the Egyptian pyramid.


2. Pugung Raharjo

Pugung Raharjo is located in the Village, Pugung Raharjo, Sekampung Udik District, East Lampung Regency, Lampung.
The Pugung Raharjo site is a prehistoric relic in Indonesia which is classified as a terraced punden with four symmetrical sides. Archaeologists suspect that this site is a relic of the Megalithic era in 2500 BC.

Pugung Raharjo site has a total of about seven pyramid-shaped punden. In the past, punden berundak was used as a place to worship ancestral spirits and lay them down
various offerings. Around Pugung Raharjo you can also find other historical relics such as statues, inscriptions and stone altars.


3. Mount Padang

Just like before, Mount Padang is an ancient site in the form of a pyramid-shaped punden. Gung Padang is located in Karyamukti Village, Cempaka District, Cianjur Regency, West Java.

The discovery of this site has become phenomenal because it is thought to have existed since 9,000-20,000 years ago, longer than the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations which are believed to be the oldest civilizations.

With a height of 220 m and an area of ​​29.1 ha, Mount Padang is the largest historical site in Indonesia.
The local people really sacred this site because it is believed to be the location where Prabu Siliwangi built his palace in one day and night.

In the second punden there is a stone called the crown stone of the world, people believe that there are countless treasures behind it.