– A mysterious third metal pillar which is thought to be a monolith was found at the top of Mount Pine, Atascadero City, California, United States (US) Wednesday (2/12).

The monolith resembling the 2001 Odyssey has resurfaced after a similar situation occurred recently in the desert of the US state of Utah and in the city of Piatra Neamt, Romania.

The findings were uploaded by a Twitter user @ConnorCAllen, Wednesday (2/12) afternoon local time. Allen and his friends were doing a local hike to witness the strange find.

Tugu Logam Misterius ke-3 Nongol di Puncak Gunung California

Allen also uploaded three photos showing the mysterious metal monument. The post has received 1,100 likes and 310 retweets as of Thursday (3/12).

“Currently there is a monolith at the top of Mount Pine in Atascadero,” chirped Allen, Thursday (3/12).

Quoting from the daily Atascadero news page, the mysterious metal monument appears to be made of stainless steel, 3 meters high and 400 centimeters wide with an estimated weight of 90 kilograms.

The object is welded to each corner with rivets that attach the side panels to the steel frame inside. The top of the monolith shows no weld marks, and appears to be perforated at the top, and possibly the bottom as well.

“Unlike those in Utah, the Atascadero obelisks are not grounded, and can collapse with a strong push,” they wrote.

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Launching CNET, a similar mysterious metal milestone was previously found in the desert of the state of Utah, United States. The monolith was discovered by public safety workers in southeast Utah.

They were exploring the area by helicopter, last Wednesday (18/11), looking for Bighorn sheep, a crew then saw the monolith object. However, the Land Management Bureau said the monolith had been removed by unknown parties.

Then, the second mysterious monolith metal pillar was found in the city of Piatra Neamt, Romania. However, a few days after its appearance, the monument was reported missing, Tuesday (12/1) yesterday.

However, the mysterious metal pole found at Atascadero is said to be different from the object that appeared in Utah. The object found in Utah is said to be nearly the same height, but slightly larger than the slimmer version of Atascadero.