Triadigm’s FutureArts technology merges the far-reaching dissemination capabilities of the Internet with the ability to manage collections, groups of imagery and associated text. Several examples of collections are as follows:

Library Special Collections Used Automobile Listings
Personal Photo Collections Real Estate Listings
Employ Information (HR) Criminal Repositories
Museum Collections Online Catalogs

FutureArts is made up of three tools:

  • FutureArts Store – FutureArts Store is a client-server database application which responds with the appropriate textual or imagery data from requests via the FutureArts Present and FutureArts Manage applications.
  • FutureArts Present – FutureArts Present is a “plug-in” to Microsoft’s Internet Information Server. The plug-in is responsible dynamically generating web pages based on the contents of the FutureArts databases.
  • FutureArts Manage – The FutureArts Manage application is responsible for management activities, including security and reporting.

Select Concepts for a look at the underlying technology supporting FutureArts, Functions & Features for a listing of key FutureArts capabilities, or Requirements for information on the environment required to run FutureArts.